The Shorty Awards: Comin' Up Short?

How many begs for Shorty Award Votes did YOU get today?
Over the past weeks?

I have a question: Am I the only one wondering about the relevance of The Shorty Awards?

Apparently the awards are for
"The best producers of short* content in 2008
*140 characters or less, on Twitter"

From ALL the nominations on Twitter (and how many people are on twitter now?), the top five in each category are culled to nominee status, at which point we're supposed to vote for the best of those five.

I had become annoyed as several people's streams turned into vote begs.
And watched their employees in turn implore their followers to vote for a nominee.

I shook my head: Where's the content? Where's the value? Where's the shiny haiku that would floor me in 140?

So, today I finally sauntered over to The Shorty Awards to see what the fuss was about, since it's all these people could bray about.

And I noticed... that...
Go through the categories.
They have the person with the most votes listed first, the second most popular, then the fifth most popular, on (supposedly) ALLLLLL of twitter, last.

Are you kidding me?
THESE are the top five in every category and the most popular only garnered an average of 100-300ish votes? And the least of the TOP FIVE NOMINEES had about 6-20ish votes?

Of all of Twitter?
Of all of their followers? And their minions followers?

I noticed the Social Media category had only 4 Nominees... of ALL of Twitter... that says...

Sounds like another pointless bloaty conference where the "honorees" pay travel and lodging (and fees?) to sit around and... tweet?


It's a joke - just thinking that voting for someone else instead of you know - might help. Advise.

Friends don't let friends vote for stupid scheme award shows.

Don't don't-
Don't believe the hype!
After I realized that the only way to participate was to annoy the crap out of people, I asked a few people to vote for me for #egocentric so it couldn't be used to hurt someone else.

Other than that? Kinda of laughable.
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