Here's a cautionary tale on why you need to be so careful about firms that sell you on SEO.

Here's a cautionary tale on why you need to be so careful about firms that sell you on SEO. 

I think this article is mis-titled. It wasn't Google, it was tricky SEO firms that penalized this business.

This is why I place so much emphasis on my clients doing their own natural outreach, with their own voice, honestly.  If you're hiring firms and seeing your traffic jump from a few hundred to a few thousand quickly, beware.  I have yet to see a SEO firm here that is not using questionable tactics.

Building your online seo is a slow but steady climb where hard consistent building of your brand by YOU is rewarded.  Quick tricks will usually come back to bite you.

Stay honest. 


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Dinner Party Fridays

I'm supposed to be on vacation but am postponing it until things calm down around here...
No, really, I *am* going on vacation. ...Some time! Soon!

Any-hoo, because technically I'm supposed to be on a beach this week instead of knocking out concepts, although I have my head down and am working hard, I am a bit more silly in my thoughts...

On twitter, I have always been adverse to tweeting my own Follow Friday Recommendations.
I always appreciate the kind people who RT and recommend me, don't get me wrong! But to do my own #FF always seemed more like homework instead of fun...
My thinking is that if you pay attention, you can discern with whom people you are interested interact frequently - that is how I usually come to follow people I don't know.  If someone I find valuable is speaking about a shared interest often to someone else, I follow that other person and rarely regret it.

So, as I readied for our In Real Life Last Minute Throwdown Dinner Party last evening, I wondered,
"Wouldn't it be so much more fun if, instead of tweeting out Follow Fridays, one instead published Dinner Party Guest Lists?"

So, just for fun, let's take a drive through possible Dinner Party Hashtags With Guest Lists!

Upon reflection maybe I shouldn't call it Dinner Party Hashtags as often our entertaining involves daytime activities, but regardless of the hour, these groups would certainly foster great conversation and camaraderie... and don't forget, it's not just about the guest list, it's also about the food.  I'm thinking of the menu I'd serve with each hashtag!

  • @JetsonGreen (As in, Preston Koerner and his family)
  • @RangerSusie
  • @MaggieStitches
  • @ChrisCheatham
  • @StefanBoublil
  • @RVAMedia
  • @DougMeacham
  • @anodyne2art
  • @Refuel
  • @PaulSpicer
  • @Tree_Top
  • @SuButcher 
  • @AJLeon
  • @AultsFamilyFarm
  • @FrogBottomFarm
  • @ClaiborneM
  • @TricycleGardens
  • @RuralCulture
  • @Cocoxochitl

  • @Genevelyn
  • @YahyaHenry
  • @Macelleria (in real life, not her twitter feed, which does not properly represent the Violetta I adore!)
  • @Holistica
And you? Who and what hashtags would you add?