C3 Richmond Sums Up The Week

It's been awhile since I posted, we have been extremely busy, as always...
Here are a few notes from the last week or so...
Thanks for listening…

I'm Copeland Casati, of Copeland Casati Media,
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    Not An Expert

    Many clients have mentioned they fear entering social media until they "get a really good grasp on the situation." I have assured them that while general pointers, links to article overviews are helpful, really, they just need to start experiencing it while remembering that if they maintain basic business poise and acumen, they'll be all right.


    Really. You don't need to sit in a hot conference room for three hours.  If you're a client, I've explained the basics.  If you have questions, we're here to help. Read this feed, visit these sites below, but just do it.

    From Intersection:
    (hat tip to client and investment author, Bob Fisher of "The Naked Portfolio Manager" for sending this on)

    **Read Intersection's entire post here..**.

    Here is a slideshare you might enjoy seeing that is geared towards lawyers, but you can certainly apply it to your own business:

    Oh, and the lawyer that is featured on slide 27, Durrette Bradshaw’s Chris Hill?  How did he get in this worldwide agency’s presentation?

    He did because *I* saw the reporter request in one social platform, and then, because I know Chris on twitter, notified him: “Hey here’s a good pr / outreach opportunity for you to be in a publication since you’re a lawyer using twitter…go contact that reporter right away!”
    And now his brand is being exposed worldwide…

    Adverse to the long day sitting in a presentation? Read up, you'll get the picture:
    Mashable's Guide To Twitter
    ...and Facebook...
    and LinkedIn...
    ...should be enough to getcha started.

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