Why The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted. And, A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Why the revolution will not be tweeted

Thoughts? Weigh in. I'm sure the comments will be interesting over the next few days.

If change comes externally, through social tools, isn't it still change?

In the meantime, here are some of the (very few) things I'm currently loving about #RVA: @Knit1Drink2 & @lostcats

 #GuerrillaArt And history, feted. #historygeek




The New Twitter, Unveiled.

I was kinda hoping they were gonna hand out free puppies with the Big Twitter Announcement tonight...

Well, here's what you need to know.



Murky domain ethics, issues raises its ugly head in #RVA

Murky domain ethics, issues raises its ugly head in #RVA: http://bit.ly/bJgW8y

I am considering how it effects Classic Kitchen's brand...

For years, I've passed their showroom, noted their subtle palette, their sophisticated, airy elegance, and considered it a good, solid brand.

In fifteen seconds those years of reputable outlook were destroyed by reading about their unapologetic acquisition of their competitor's names via domains that instead ended with .biz, .info, etc.

I'll let the lawyers whine about the legality of these actions.
But for myself, I will never look at Classic Kitchens again as an attractive brand, trustworthy, or where I would ever want to spend my money.

Even if a consumer hasn't read the article, how will they feel when, seeking Franko Lafratta Construction or Lane Homes, they instead end up on Classic Kitchens' web site?
I would certainly feel tricked.
It might be good SEO (it's not), even legal; is it good brand strategy?

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SEO: Google Instant is here!

Google Instant launched today, and returns results as you type your search query.
Check it out:
How will this affect your web site's SEO?
Maybe the question is instead how will it affect web sites built with *bad* SEO.

More on Google Instant:
(I think he has some good points)

And who owns the alphabet? http://greatfinds.icrossing.com/n-is-for-netflix/

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