Get Social, Even More: Critical To SEO

I know y'all have been hearing me say this for a long time, even when critics argued differently re: twitter & no follow, etc. but now more than ever if you want your business to be found YOU MUST EMBRACE SOCIAL


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Am I "THAT MOM?" Second Generation Ban From The Library

When our 1st grader discovered reading, we were delighted.  

For years we had been filling the children's library with great literature for several stages - classics, such as Dr. Seuss, to deeper tales like "Old Yeller" and "Where The Red Fern Grows," timeless adventures of Swiss Family RobinsonMy Side Of The MountainThe Chronicles of Narnia, and of course the usual contemporary additions, including Harry Potter. I just love filling every nook of every room with books!

With my insatiable love of literature (when I was in 4th grade I was tested as reading at a sophomore college level), we were not surprised when the first grader jumped, within the month, from Green Eggs And Ham to Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, and by summer's close had read over 50 books (over 50 was what I counted), including the entire Harry Potter series.

I can't believe it but as of today I think I have become That Mom who bans her child from the library.

Oh, believe me, as someone always curious and learning and in a technical ever-evolving field: I know access to knowledge is imperative!

But imperative also is emotional growth; ethical strengthening is just as key.

By fall, entering second grade, our child quickly earned over 100 "Advanced Reading Points," thus earning the right in school to attend the Advanced Reader Party. Mid-semester, he became regularly featured on the school tv reading announcements as a reward for his high number of points. By Christmas, he earned over 300 points, at which point they stopped giving him prizes. I think last week he said he was now in the 380s. He tested, well, the teacher said the tests only go up to 6th grade and he was beyond that.

He tore through the Warrior cat series, then the dragon saga Eldest...

Through all this, Handsome Husband and I discussed the balance of an insatiable appetite for literature with healthy hours of outdoor play... but even more, we, from the beginning, were concerned about age-appropriate content.  I *love* Harry Potter. But are the later works appropriate for a then-seven year old? He wasn't even in second grade!

Overwhelmingly, there was a theme: characters were on Two Sides, fighting to the death, were years older and embracing their angst and inner fury.

Suddenly, we had a Raging Fourteen Year Old in a seven year old's body.

This weekend was the last straw.  It doesn't matter what that last straw was; now it seems rather silly, but it was just clear the child needs a break from themes he is not mature enough to digest yet. 

I'm not saying he can't read mature or controversial content. (Hello, Huckleberry Finn...) And this child knows intimately the cycle of life and death growing up with farms. But it's just time to take a break from all the characters with real evil at their core.

So, in the meantime, he's banned. We have walls and walls and walls of great award-winning books waiting to be read. And for a little while, those books will be ones with no purely evil characters, no torture, no slow realistic deaths, no angst.  Adventure, certainly. Hardships? Assuredly. Bad guys? Most likely. But evil? None.

So honeys, in the meantime: no Lord Of The Rings. Yep, that means no Gollum, my precious... 
And yes, no Lord Of The Flies for a few years yet.

Yes, this is the second generation that has been banned from the library. 
I was banned by my teachers because once I checked out a book, I would disappear into its world and not hear the classroom instructions echoing from the Real World afar.

Maybe that ability to fall into the text and live it so vividly leads me to understand how my child is tasting the real emotions, which, in these books are not all healthy or good. Until his soul matures a bit more...

If I look at an apple and see rot, I avoid it. Why not the same in literature?

Would you hand your child decaying food? Or do you show them healthy grains and habits? Would you allow your child in the company of those whose morals you question? Then why in a book? They all influence the minds and bodies they touch.

Call me a prude, but in the meantime I'll spend more time taking him to absorb museums full of art, to learn camp songs and camaraderie at 4-H Camp, to while away more afternoons shooting bb's with his mom, and even: to read.

But to read stories of empathy, adversity, and overcoming odds with the help of positive friends.




Blogger Drops New Fonts Onto The Web

Sweet! Blogger drops new fonts onto the web:

"With a move that can only be described at “sheer brazenness,” Google’s weblog service, Blogger.com, has introduced a feature that may just be the tipping point between order and chaos in society: the introduction of 35 additional fonts to their blog service."

Read more here >> http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2011/01/21/blogger-fonts-with-us

We recommend Blogger for our small and medium business clients because, as code needs to be changed, each person does not have to update / upgrade their local files but google does it automatically, universally, and hence, PAINLESSLY for our clients who are not comfortable messing with files and code. 

Other blogging platforms may have shinier bells and whistles, but we find Blogger to have the biggest comfort level for these clients, and now, even more variety and styles with which creatively get their message across!

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If You're Not Local, How Can You Compete in an Increasingly Local Google?

If You're Not Local, How Can You Compete in an Increasingly Local Google?

"...there's a new type of Google Gold Rush. He's referring to getting the prime listings from Google Places, which Google will often place at the top of the SERPs. "

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Is Facebook A Ponzi Scheme?

Is Facebook a Ponzi Scheme? What do you think?






Momentfeed is Google Analytics for the Real World



(Thanks, @NiniBaseema!)

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We Are Calling About Your Google Profile...

Richmond, do not fall for this Google phone scam that is making its rounds here lately.

If you get a call, 

"We are calling about your Google profile. Press 1 to get on the first page of search engines..."

It is a scam.

Read more here: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-405-283-8500/3

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44% Of Online Sharing Occurs Through Facebook.

44% of Online Sharing Occurs Through Facebook http://on.mash.to/frfJE8

What does this mean for your business?

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We Regret The Erroneous News


“What we’re seeing is the process of reporting breaking news, at times shakily, in real time,” Folkenflik wrote. “Before cable & web, this would have played out far more out of sight. Doesn’t exempt journalists from having to report w great care.”

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Has Facebook Already Peaked?

Great post from Greg Sterling: Has Facebook Already ‘Peaked’?


Would love to hear what client The Naked Portfolio Manager has to say...

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Homeless Man Ted Williams Is the New Voice of Mac & Cheese

"Everybody loves a redemption story."

What I love is that even in the initial video he was upfront about his past, which is why, when more details emerged, it didn't hurt him. And congrats, Kraft, on a smart, quick move.

Read the article>> http://adage.com/article?article_id=148028

The original video>>




Historical Accuracy, While Preserving Timeless Tales, Today

Still in turmoil over Huckleberry Finn.Can't read this story verbatim aloud to my children (or even to myself!) without omitting/updating words, yet I detest revisionism.

Whether I am reading The Secret Garden, Huckleberry Finn, Gulliver's Travels, Swiss Family Robinson... I change the words, the context, the outdated language to bring the story to life, today.


This fall I surprised a squirming class of First Graders and appeared as The Mystery Reader to share with them my love of Pippi Longstocking, of whom even the teacher had not ever yet read.

Accordingly, I let the story speak from decades past, today, by inserting my own contemporary flourishes while removing others.

It's a hard line to walk, sending, with love, great stories through time, while preserving historical accuracy... and an opportunity to discuss in context.

[A friend points out that Huckleberry Finn is in the public domain. Yes, lawyers certainly can sidestep the struggle and balance of the larger historical accuracy, great storytelling... and multiple versions of the same tale... what makes art...epic, and controversial.]

What do you think?

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