Death of the Social Media Strategist?

Death of the Social Media Strategist: Overselling & Underperforming from the Start
Great must-read.
  • A landing page that underperforms will not convert better simply by throwing a new 100,000 visitors to the page.
  • An offer in the marketplace that isn't being accepted isn't going to be SOLD by building up LIKES and RECOMMENDATIONS on City Search or Yelp.
  • If your seo sucks, your page rank will suck and your social ads will not perform up to snuff either. Who's in charge of your content?
  • Social media is about telling stories. If the only story you have to tell is, "Hey, green weenies are 25% off today." you're not really adding much to the conversation. In order for social media to be social you have to have some content to socialize."

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