Social Media Is A Bubble

Yesterday, Umair Haque asserted on Harvard Business Review that Social Media Is A Bubble: http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/2010/03/the_social_media_bubble.html

Bud Caddell's responded: 
@bud_caddell: is social media a bubble? my response to @umairh's post from the HBR blog, http://bit.ly/b2ME5X

Both articles make valid points.
They don't surprise me so, because it just reflects the levels and degrees we all encounter in "real life." You can take the Pokemon approach and try to be the popular kid collecting large numbers of friends, yet not focus on deep relationships; you can also be the kid, maybe a bit quiet, who has a few, close friends who appreciate all their odd quirks and will be there for a lifetime.

How do you feel? Sometimes I find it fun and meaningful to share, reach out across cultural and geographical spans...and sometimes I pull back and go through extremely private stages, where I focus on a Salon mentality vs. The Public Community Potluck. 

Both are fine...

But for business, it's always good to keep yourself out there, to be open, and sometimes the bonus is the unexpected personal reward for doing so: friends.

And yes, I mean "friends in real life met through internet tools."

I'm about to go through a pull back of public sharing. No reason, just... I'm in the mood to do so.  It's that season and cycle again.

But sensing that, I also reflect on the real friends who are a real part of my life that I met PURELY through social media / online tools.

Think of our real friends in rural Pamplin: In a town with a population of 199, I would say, if I had to guess, that 95% of the people we've met were through the internet.

In New York, I have professional people in my field I would like to get to know that I've encountered purely through social media that I suspect could touch my life on a more real life, personal level. Through social media, I've gotten to know their merit, but also their humor and personality.

That's a lot of real life enhancement, a lot of real community, thanks to the internet / social media... Bubble? Maybe, but isn't everything?

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C3 Richmond: Legal Wranglin' On The Internet And Rickrollin' In Real Life This Week.

Y'all hear about WBC comin' to #RVA? http://bit.ly/bNqY6L
My friend Rickrolled 'em. 

Here's some other internet notes, lots of 'em legal, from the week: 
All this legal wrangling really makes your head spin... but... this too shall pass...

Thanks for listening…

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