Blogging For Ideots

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He forgot de-motivational posters. Ideot."

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Little Plusters

Lady Gaga just joined Google+...

Interesting how she wasn't showing up in search but others, with Google+ accounts, like Brittney Spears, were...

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ROI of Social

Yes, Return On Investment.
Some 2011 stats on how companies leveraged social media to increase sales, improve performance, and put themselves in front of new, and already enthusiastic, audiences.

Here's 101 Examples, from Peter Kim, for a start.

Have questions? We're here to help, and can showcase how local Virginia businesses have succeeded  and improved with the help of social media.

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Facebook: Very few people talk; the rest talk behind your back, ha!

I have been long aware the number of quiet Facebook accounts, that, then when you run into the person in real life, laugh, "Oh, I just lurk..."

Here's some thought provoking data to consider:

Facebook's Failure as a Social Network: We're Not Connecting We're Lurking and Playing By Ourselves

It's not just people that don't engage, but brands don't even lurk: 

"If 95% of the 5% of the people that actually engage with a business online are ignored, that leaves MOST (what's 5% of 5%?) facebook users IGNORED! How's that grab you for social media for business using facebook?"

Personally, although, even though I'm in media and clearly look at the analytics often, I always am surprised how many people will approach me in the grocery store and be completely informed as to what my family is up to (I assume they have no knowledge after the last time I saw them in person), showing they actively read my posts. Lesson: Very few people talk; the rest talk behind your back, ha!