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The End of An Era, A New Chapter Begins.

How can one be so happy and so sad? We are so sad to announce, yet with great excitement and happiness for her, that Amy White is leaving copeland casati media for a great new career at Snag A Job

You are nothing without a great team.
For over six years Amy has been a beloved part of our business, along with other great team members- Kien and, yes, sometimes Christoph... without her we would not have transitioned so easily through running this business, excelling professionally, while also adjusting to the changing lifestyle that comes with having young children.

Over time, Amy grew her responsibilities from client web maintenance to creative, html, search engine optimization, project management and more. As you know, in copeland casati media it is not possible to have just one job description, which is why we thrive and enjoy so much what we do.

So yes, it is THE END OF AN ERA.
Aside from the great and challenging client work we accomplished (and we worked on some really cool projects!), who can forget each winter's Vintage Hat Fridays?

Now Amy and I will get to thrift shop, hike, and go for sushi outside of work. We just really are that close.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new addition, Cassandra Ellison.

From northern Virginia, Cassandra graduated with a B.F.A. in graphic design from VCU. Starting with a very strong print background, she was able to grow into web, and we will continue that path as we adjust her to the copeland casati media standards, which our clients know goes far beyond static html.

I will let Cassandra tell you a bit more about herself and her thoughts on design over the next weeks.

Amy's last day will be Friday, but we will not be in the office. We are taking that day to do all the things we never got to do because we were always too busy with work: to go thrifting, linger over lunch in the open air, to then walk it off on a glorious afternoon meandering through and enjoying Richmond's gorgeous, historic architecture.

Kind regards,
Copeland Casati