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Thought I'd share this thought provoking article, "The End of the Web, Computers, and Search as We Know It" by Yale's David Gelernter... it is not so much as new, what he's explaining, as we have all witnessed in the past few years, but gives a great in-depth explanation of where we are, and going, on the web and with computing.

"Instead of doing an endless series of separate searches, we tune the knobs on our stream-browser to continuously feed us just the information we need.

This future doesn’t just kill the operating system, browser, and search as we know it — it changes the meaning of “computer” as we know it, too. Whether large or small (e.g., a smartphone), a computer’s main function in the near future will be tuning in to — as a car radio tunes in a broadcast station — the constantly flowing global cyberflow. We won’t care much about the computer devices themselves since we’ll be more focused on the world of information … and our lives as attached to it. "

Read the entire article, here.

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