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I know you know we're busy, but I just realized this blog has not been updated since April!
On our Facebook Page we have been posting technology and advertising articles as we find 'em... but, as usual, we are too busy working on clients to make that page "purty" (see link below on how to do so). Won't you consider "liking" us on Facebook, if you want to access the latest news and issues we discover that might apply to your business without a lengthy essay?
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In the meantime, here are some articles and notes I found intriguing or helpful recently:
Our clients have been busy - Bob Fischer of The Naked Portfolio Manager is gaining national attention on his expertise on decision-making with his book on investing, and ebook, and blog, his Sweet Briar Experiment and radio interviews and... lots and lots of press.

The American Civil War Center has been busy with its sesquicentennial - 150 years since our nation reunited. See what great eventsexhibits and educational programs they offer.

Client James River Air, a Virginia leader in HVAC systems for decades, benefits their clients and environment by offering a wide array of green building systems technology including solar, rainwater, and support furthering green technology, locally. Check out their solar system and Idea House, here!
(...If you check back next week, you can peruse their new web site!)

Kathy Corbet Interiors has spent the spring traveling the world and reporting back design trends she encounters.  If you love interior design like we do, you might enjoy her interior design blog!

Our nonprofit clients in museums, healthcare and child services have been really seeing impact on their outreach by utilizing social media - gaining exposure and a wider breadth of exposure affects their site traffic which affects their rankings, allowing them to be found easier by the people who need them the most.

We have been honored to have gotten quite a bit of national and regional press for our affordable prefab green house kits (Green Modern Kits, Green Cottage Kits, and Green Cabin Kits), on Jetson Green, Charlottesville's Abode, Tree Hugger, and The Virginia Center For Architecture's Inform; our casa ti green building architect David Day was covered this month in the Wall Street Journal, and our company is a finalist next week in The Virginia Museum of Fine Art's Muse Awards. And yes, I was kinda excited when my beloved Tree Hugger mentioned me in the same breath as Oprah...

Thanks for listening… apologies for the lack of updates here lately!

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