Web Site Marketing And Optimization: Long Live OC/DC

I have long railed against the spammy SEO companies that unfortunately proliferate the area...
Here's a great SEO post today from Copyblogger...
"Make no mistake: legitimate SEO tactics still matter today as part of any content marketing campaign.
The problem is that the terms themselves — SEO and search optimization — are used when discussing what is actually the broader strategy of content marketing.

Introducing “OC/DC” — the replacement for SEO

What people really mean when they say “SEO” is the idea of optimizing content for discovery and conversion across a wide spectrum of the web … not just search engines."
This is a must-read article for anyone responsible for their site traffic and marketing. 
Re-thinking, re-optimizing, re-titling old articles with high traffic, considering more aggressive calls to action, analyzing the site for optimization on mobile are all great recommendations site owners should embrace, today.

Oh, and many of my clients will laugh as I again point out this is yet another article reinforcing my old rant about load times! : )

Hope you enjoy.

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