Blogger Drops New Fonts Onto The Web

Sweet! Blogger drops new fonts onto the web:

"With a move that can only be described at “sheer brazenness,” Google’s weblog service, Blogger.com, has introduced a feature that may just be the tipping point between order and chaos in society: the introduction of 35 additional fonts to their blog service."

Read more here >> http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2011/01/21/blogger-fonts-with-us

We recommend Blogger for our small and medium business clients because, as code needs to be changed, each person does not have to update / upgrade their local files but google does it automatically, universally, and hence, PAINLESSLY for our clients who are not comfortable messing with files and code. 

Other blogging platforms may have shinier bells and whistles, but we find Blogger to have the biggest comfort level for these clients, and now, even more variety and styles with which creatively get their message across!

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