Good Grief.

Sigh, what do ya think? Should we put in a RFP for the "C3" account?
Oh wait, haven't we been C3 since 1999?
Oh wait, aren't they the people that told us that darned it, that was too bad they were still going to use C3 even though they rented to people that competed against us in the marketplace and were confusing our clients because they had already printed their letterhead and business cards?!?

Oh wait, if they're the Creative Change Center maybe they should just be creative and... change?

Here's the RFP - C3-Web-site-RFP.pdf

Looks like they want to compile a database of creatives for work- soooooooo more confusion in the marketplace for The Original C3, Copeland Casati Media?

Please feel free to pass the RFP on to any unethical person you know!
Nice people, we're here, as we've always been, to work with you in advertising and web.

And we at Copeland Casati Media, C3 highly recommend the Creative Change Center look into rethinking their brand name before launching again. It's the right thing to do.

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