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Thanksgiving arrived, and I decided to play a little with the Google Wave-to-Posterous experience while waiting to go to my parents.

My first attempt was miserable- the pictures that I added, slowly, one at a time (vs. multiple upload) onto the Wave did not transfer at all across the webs, which was pretty frustrating after I spent all that time arranging and adding captions to each picture in Google Wave.  In my second attempt, the html slideshow embed code (via another handy gadget) I had inserted into the Wave did not publish onto Posterous.

By the way: here's a good resource for finding gadgets and tools to enhance your Wave experience.

You can dive deeper into Wave here... and if it's driving you crazy that you can't insert html, you can learn how to do so here.

And I would be remiss not mentioning Mashable's All Things Wave, and Google Wave's own list of robots, gadgets, and more.

I am big on the convenience of Posterous (and got a geeky thrill when the co-founder and I exchanged emails on this topic! *I*Am*Such*A*Nerd*...) but it would behoove Posterous and Wave to play more nicely with each other.

Here’s why this is important – as early adopters try out Wave, (not to mention Waves can be public and searchable, thereby leaving you one more place to leave your business calling card, and I wonder about seo…) they are also embracing Posterous, and linking the two.  Last week there was a post on how to blog via Wave to Posterous.  But if you can’t better format, add images, in Posterous, or that information doesn’t convey from Wave to Posterous, adopters won’t need it, and it won’t be picked up by the masses.  

Thanks for listening… I am Copeland Casati, continuing my experiences on this, hence reaching out via email to Posterous, to then reach you. 

copeland casati
6902 park ave / rva 23226
804/ 515-7886


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