Bloody Week! Phishers and Search Engine Fights and Security! Richmond's C3 Takes It On, At Copeland Casati Media.

It's a pain to take the time to research, then track down Google's proper area in each specific instance to report bad sites to Google, but discovering a malware or phishing site and not doing so is worse.  So after (again) reporting a phishing site I discovered that mimics twitter making user's profiles show up in Google Web Alerts, so that you *think* you are clicking onto twitter to see that person's profile (at which point they ask you to "log in" therefore getting your password...), I chuckled when I got Google's "thank you for submitting" message:

Report Sent
Thanks for sending a report to Google. Now that you've done your good deed for the day, feel free to:
1. Take a second to rejoice merrily for doing your part in making the web a safer place.
2. Call/email/write to a neighbor/friend/relative and tell them what phishing is and how they can protect themselves.
3. Learn more about malware that can infect your computer on Stopbadware.org.
Ayyyyyyyyyymen, BigBruthuhFriend! High five and off I sauntered to continue work.

Some articles of note I considered this week:
Watching tech news emerge is sometimes like watching boxing.

On twitter I saw...
Yahoo! and Facebook Teaming Up http://bit.ly/4YzgZG
then, seconds later:
facebook+yahoo? ok says google, meet google+twitter http://bit.ly/50m05L
Pow! Zap! Bam! {Ouch!}
[Or, are we the only ones that think this is fascinating, fun, and thought-provoking? Oh wait, I guess that's why you hire people like us to know this.]

Curious about what to keep an eye on in 2010? CNN sums it up nicely here: 10 Web trends to watch in 2010

Oh, by the way:
Who here is surprised that we're going to be featured in a respected National Financial Magazine?
(Oh, c'mon. Raise yer hands. "Weeeeee are....") Keep yer eyes peeled in February, when the next issue of The Wall Street Journal's Smart Money hits the stands.

Thanks for listening…

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