Richmond Web + Media C3 Weekly Roundup: Copeland Casati Media

I love end-of-year. No, really.
So as I dash about focusing on the business side of Copeland Casati Media, Richmond's C3 since 1999, here are items of note to consider for your business.

Twitter is adding contributers... this is good for your business, here's why.

Check out Google Goggles.

It will only get more detailed...

Love data? Confused about ClimateGate? Wondering what the heck your footprint is? Microsoft has introduced two new tools designed to help individuals understand the climate debate and manage their carbon footprints. One more reason to love I.T.!

Here's a great update if you speak french.  SEO is not dead, just different. Learn why results are changing: http://www.ya-graphic.com/2009/12/le-referencement-naturel-est-mort-vive-le-referencement-naturel/

Thanks for listening…

I'm Copeland Casati, of Copeland Casati Media,
the original C3 in Richmond creative arts and media since 1999

You can reach me at copeland@copelandcasati.com, or on twitter, @copelandcasati. If you are a Facebook enthusiast, we can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Copeland-Casati-Media-C3/52352550685 

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