Chris Dovi, Fall Guy.

If only I had waited to send my updates yesterday... then I could have mentioned the Style Weekly / PR / Fired Reporter snafu.
*SIGH*... (files nails...)

Now, for someone who was just last summer called ugly words by the editor of Style in an email that cc'd other staffers (because I asserted that a ReTweet with no contradictory commentary implies endorsement of that content you are then spreading to followers), I have to say I found it ironic that that same editor who sent me those ugly emails (and had no professional repercussions for it) was the same person who, in this article, released the statement saying,
"disparaging language 'violated the core values we hold sacred...' ".

Read the reporter's email and the PR firm's take on it:

Sooooo... let's look at the issue.
The PR firm pitching to the Style Weekly reporter sells their client as a BLIND motivational speaker.

YET takes offense when the reporter refers to the client as blind in his email, after weeks of the PR firm bugging the reporter about what they refer to as their BLIND motivational speaker client....?

So it's ok to be called a blind motivational speaker but not ok to be called a blind jerk?
What do you think?

I think the reporter's publication let him be the fall guy.

In the meantime... ponder this:

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Note: My friend ReRe made the comment on FaceBook that Dovi was not fired for calling the client blind but for using "disparaging language."

Good point, ReRe!

Although the Times Dispatch article says Dovi was fired for using "disparaging language", the PR firm brings it back to the use of the word blind:

"Yesterday, McCaskey issued a news release that contained Dovi's e-mail and said the e-mail 'reveals society's ongoing prejudice against the disabled.' "

(Also note: this story is developing, so information is coming out as we speak.

Does anyone have a copy of Style's corporate policies to see what exactly Mr. Dovi violated? Because if it's for being disparaging, I'm sure tons of people can provide solid, hard evidence of that policy being violated for more staffers to hit the chopping block!)
P.s. More on the reporter, Chris Dovi:

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