Something Positive about the new Facebook Layout

I know it's en vogue to bash the new FaceBook layout, and I share many people's annoyance with some of the changes they've made. But I noticed something last night that I actually liked.

I don't know about you, but as you might have surmised from my last blog post, I'm interested in preserving some separation between work, family, and friends in my social media accounts. That being the case, I really use the friends list privacy filter settings. I keep those 3 groups as separate as possible, though there is inevitably some overlap. So I was interested to find that my feed had automatically pulled in those privacy groups as optional feed settings. Being an organizational freak (I was one of those kids who didn't let the different foods on my plate touch) I LOVE being able to see separate feeds for my different social groups. I find that much easier to keep track of.

Long Story Short: if you have groups you have created to apply privacy filters, you can now select those groups in your feed and see a custom feed.

For example, if I select "work friends" I see a feed containing just the updates from those contacts I have added to that group.

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