Richmond Reflective Roundup on Media, week of August 6th.

I may be at the beach this week, but I'm still watching you....
Thinking about the week in #RVA media...
  • Last Wednesday will now hereforth be proclaimed, "Didja-Hear-About-Microsoft-And-Yahoo Day." And, as usual, breaking news moved much more quickly on twitter, whether it be Microsoft/Yahoo or Clinton in North Korea...
  • AddATweet. I bemoaned, "Why, WHY I didn't know about you yesterday when I was going off on my rants over the $50,000 twitter lawsuit by Horizon Realty Group and didn't have time to log in and leave comments everywhere I wanted..???? Ergh."
  • Speaking of Horizon Realty Group's $50,000 twitter lawsuit... Everyone in business should read this post: http://www.copyblogger.com/horizon-realty-group/
  • Well, well, that's all depressing so why... Why don't we change the subject now. (ahem.)

    Hey, it's wedding season! Anyone out there have a friend in the process of getting married? Have they stressed over the guest list? Are they griping about which side does what? Do you fear they are turning into Bridezilla?

    Well, last week this couple reminded us all that getting married doesn't have to be all pomp and circumstance-y. Lissen up, RVA (and yes, ESPECIALLY RVA):

    By the way, I know it's tacky to ask for gifts, but I would feel remiss if I didn't mention the following from the couple's website:
    "Our wedding entrance dance to Forever...yeah, forever. For more information or to make a donation towards violence prevention please visit our website: http://www.jkweddingdance.com/"

    I think domestic violence prevention and education is a great cause and worthy of mentioning here for possible donations. Visit the site- there are great stories and pictures and this couple gave their special day to focus ON A GREAT CAUSE.
  • Important Richmond interactive events this week?
    Welllllllllllllllll... there was #rvapower, Style Weekly's conversation on "power"...

    I liked what @MightyCasey had to say:


    • Is influence a better determinant of "power" than what your socio-economic position? Claire Gastagna used "capacitor" to describe power
    • Great points being made about power being tied to a "job" - maybe better measure/descriptor would be.voice instead of power? #rvapower
    • At #rvapower event listening to trailblazers - only 1 grrl, Claire Guthrie Gastagna, but she's a power center all on her own.
  • Here's an interesting site that is Richmond-centric: RVAtweets.com. They aggregate twitter hashtags that are specific to Richmond. So, for example, you can use #RVApower as an example: http://rvatweets.com/tag/rvapower

    And here's just what's goin' on around #rva (note this site also pulls in Flickr photos tagged with a particular hashtag as well...)
  • And more on twitter...
    • There was an inundation of spam, (but hey, where is there not? Overall twitter has done a great job as spam/mal watchdogs.) AND
    • a patent infringement suit. That should be taken Very. Seriously. As an entrepreneur: Oh twitter, this is when other business owners need to stand behind you.
    • And, speaking of twitter, here's the latest in-depth look: (from Sysomos) http://sysomos.com/insidetwitter

  • NEWSFLASH: This just in: That cute sweet couple that got married last week has divorced!

  • P.s. I was genuinely sad when I saw that video until I realized that YES they were kidding. I genuinely, sincerely hope they life happily ever after. They seem to have such great hearts, friends, family... and a TWISTED SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! ; )

    This is a great example how people can come together to highlight a great cause / non-profit more than they ever could just telling their family and friends about it. Think about how many people now know about the Sheila Wellstone Institute.

    Here's more about this special couple, and the non-profit:
    "Violence prevention and intervention is an important issue to both Jill and Kevin. Jill's current PhD work focuses on breaking cycles of violence in society. She has also worked in restorative justice and community mediation. Kevin is headed to law school due to his passion for social justice.

    Sheila Wellstone was an advocate, organizer, and national champion in the effort to end domestic violence in our communities."

Thanks for listening...
...If you note any trends or local media items of note, feel free to send 'em on!

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In the meantime... I'm heading back to the beach!

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