Personal Brands and Feeling Very Amish: Media Thoughts For The Week Of September 3rd.

(Even The Shop Dawgs embraced their personal brand when competing on Vintage Hat Friday... Sheesh.)

It's one of *those* weeks where I feel like I only have time to talk in bullet points... so I will, and share some articles I found compelling:
  • We've suffered the rise of Personal Brands for some time, and many now understand the struggle between personal brands vs. The Message, why it's important to not allow yourself to be consumed by your personal ego and remember your content, and message, you would like to get out.

    With the rise of The People as Op/Ed and News Source (vs. traditional news outlets), the realization that "Heeyyy, I've got lotsa followers!" can overshadow the value of The People's Voice: undiscovered, immediate, valuable content.

  • That's not to discount the Citizen Voice and its value- as even MC Hammer recognized this week,

    "Citizen journalism is more a reality today then ever before"
    - @MCHammer

  • But remember:
    "β€œIt’s not who I am underneath, but what I *do* that defines me.” – Batman (2005)"

    In the deluge of messy, pompous, valueless personal brands, we call on a true hero: BATMAN.

    Awaken your inner superhero and learn how Batman will help you beat social media narcissism.

  • What's especially interesting to me is watching traditional news voices drink the Personal Brand Kool-Aid.

    Who Avoids The Kool-Aid? Here are some industries I've seen avoid the hype:
  • In my view, most TV newspeople (not just newscasters, the whole crew- in fact, the cameramen tend to be my favorite! Check out @newmediajim and our local @nbc12photog!) have handled the incorporation of social media especially well because they already had their personal brand moment when they first got on tv: "Look ma, I'm on tv!" then quickly realized, "Ugh, my job consists of schlepping around constantly, all over the country, I'm over this, let's focus on the actual story in front of us."

  • Green building lawyers, and actually, legal voices in general: Although their reputation was enhanced geographically through tools such as twitter, they maintain good content. The ones I listen to (@StephenDP, @Shari Shapiro, @Chris Hill, @Chris Cheatham to name a few in green building, and @valaborlaw for employment issues) stay on target and never forget their real draw is their knowledge and discussion of green building.

  • What about you? What industries or people have you noticed avoid the hype and found valuable?
  • The Amish and the internet. I was feeling very Amish one day this week regarding social media. That is not to mean I avoided it, but that, like the Amish, one evaluates the voices and information thrown about and determines, "Is this good for me? My community?" If it's not, get rid of it: Unfollow.

    I searched for a great article I read awhile ago that explained these choices Amish make regarding technology well, but can't find it...

  • Before you think I'm-A-Gonna Shun, here is a great post that mirrors much of my thinking:
    In Defense of Social Media: http://veryofficialblog.com/2009/08/30/in-defense-of-social-media

  • And my unending enthusiasm for the power of social media for social good:
    Because one person CAN make a difference!

P.s. I'm SURE you didn't notice, but did you hear Gmail had some problems this week?
; )
...Another reminder that no matter what social media or email tool you favor, to remember to not put all your (ahem) EGGS in one basket.

Thanks for listening!
...If you note any trends or local media items of note, feel free to send 'em on!

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I'm glad you feel that way about personal branding. Especially considering everything i know I learned from Batman. Oh... Not this batman... this one. But that's close enough, surely. Nice post, felt more like a scrapbook than a blog, really.
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