Richmond Media Roundup: Week of Aug. 20th

It's been a very busy week here, so we'll be fast... On the world tech front:
Locally tonight, August 20th, for twitter enthusiasts, #hashbrownnetworking meets at Waffle House, and @rvagreendrinks (Richmond's Green Drinks, which is not just for twitter, but focused on Green Building and Green Living/Lifestyle) gathers at The Camel.

Richmond new media projects include #smcrva (Richmond's social media club) busily gearing for their next event; Refresh : Richmond had a great event on typography on the web; and Your Beloved NBC 12 Photographer, @nbc12photog created a great twitter overview of Twitter In The Media, featuring many local twitter enthusiasts you may recognize...

See NBC 12 Photog's Twitter In The Media here!

We here at Copeland Casati Media chuckled when we saw Time explore "Online Life When You're Dead" - (you may recall Amy's "Digital Ghosts" post from April...)

But with all this online this-and-that, after awhile you just want to put your hands over your ears and scream, "Sheesh!
Can't we just all get together for a drink? I can't take it anymore!!!"

Why yes, in fact,
you can.
On Friday, September 11th at The Camel right after work there will be a very special event for you twitter enthusiasts: TWESTIVAL.
Now you non-twitter peeps are now laughing and saying this name aloud, real fast.
(Nods, nods, rolling eyes...)
It's ok, say it laughingly, let your tongue taste the silliness of what I'm saying seriously:
(I pause... look right at you, raise eyebrow, then say, deliberately:)

Well, as much as many of you are pointing at me now and laughing, let me tell you what Twestival did last year:
A bunch o' we crazy twitter people came together in cities world-wide to raise money to build wells for people that do not have access to clean drinking water. And we raised money, oh yes, we did:
"About the Twestival.
On 12 February 2009, 200+ international cities hosted a Twestival (Twitter + festival) to bring Twitter communities together to raise money for charity: water. The Twestival raised $250,000+ and brought worldwide public awareness to the global water crisis. "
Come see what we did!!!!! Watch the first wells being dug!!!!

Now Richmond is pulling together again for Twestival, this time to benefit a local non-profit, Tricycle Gardens, who builds community gardens in urban areas to connect children and the neighborhood with nature and food production again.
Please pass this link on for the Richmond Twestival and let people know we are still looking for sponsors- 100% of the sponsor and ticket money goes to Tricycle Gardens!!!!

We envision that the money raised from Richmond’s Twestival will allow Tricycle Gardens to not only build more community gardens, but to also help other non-profits. With the theory of Plant A Row, children can not only connect to gardens and nature, benefit from the bounty, but also learn about giving to others, such as designating that one row in their plot grow food for our local Food Bank and other similar organizations.

Currently, we are seeking 1. SPONSORS and 2. AUCTION ITEMS.
Might that be you?
Everyone knows I love to goof off for a good cause...
Here is MY auction item up for grabs!

Captain Copeland:
Ahoy, Mateys, CLIMB ABOARD!!!!

Drat, yer gonna have to turn it WAY up to hear what I said (WHERE is my camera crew with sound dudes when I need them, o' @nappingdragon?) but basically, I will be your Cruise Director for whatever you envision for a fab boat ride on the James.

Alllllllllllllll Aboard!

Welcome to Copeland's Cruise Lines.
I am your Cruise Director and Captain for this trip on the James River.

Want an early morning fishing excursion with a rustic breakfast and coffee?
Sightseeing and picnic with the kids?
An evening adult's cruise with cocktails served by Yours Truly?
All you have to do is win our Funky Vintage Boat Cruise to benefit TricycleGardens.org at Richmond TWESTIVAL.

Ahoy there, Matey! Climb aboard, and I hope to see you at Richmond TWESTIVAL!!!

and more...

Check out all the fabulous auction items we're accruing, I have more coming in from Lewis Ginter and Coldstone Creamery I'll add to the site soon!!!

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