Richmond Web + Media C3 Roundup: Copeland Casati Media

Locally, in Virginia, we all got hit with the storm. I hope you, and your community, made it through alright. Through technology, I was able to be closer to my friends who have a boatyard on the bay, and check on my family's house as the storm progressed, then ebbed.
Ok, on to tech / media news:
And that's our notes from a busy week, thanks for listening!
P.s. If sustainability and urban chickens interests you, I was quoted in the Richmond Times Dispatch this week on the subject! Take a gander, head over and check out the issue here!

...If you note any trends or local media items of note, feel free to send 'em on!

I'm Copeland Casati, of Copeland Casati Media,
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You can reach me at copeland@copelandcasati.com, or on twitter, @copelandcasati. If you are a Facebook enthusiast, we can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Copeland-Casati-Media-C3/52352550685

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