C3 Richmond Looks At The Web: Privacy, Analysis, And Law.

I'm going to be interested to see how internet culture changes in 2010-2011.
Maybe after all of this openness / open source cheering and blabbing a backlash will arise: and the equivalent of exclusive private clubs will form where only those in the know have the right to that data...  We shall see...

In the meantime I'll just keep trying to hang on to mah Foursquare crown of Mayor o' CCV...
That's hard work, I have to go to the gym like three times a week now!

Here, the beloved Trevor Dickenson shares his own Foursquare / Oversharing Twitter experience and thoughts with Richmond's Channel 12 News:

Just remember: (Which I have always said, and is just practical good social etiquette / business practice) Always remember data is public, and what you type can be seen by the world.
Thanks for listening…

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