Y'know, we used to have an illegal after-hours bar...

At Le Disco, friends came in for late night ruckus, the location was secret, intimate, and the tales (still told) were legendary. (Although we avow no knowledge of what you speak.)

A few years ago, I started Salon. We keep mum about that too.

I've been going on and on about my belief in the Return Of Salon, magical evenings opened only to those with true merit.  It's not that I don't embrace new experiences or people, and marketing is good for business, yet... I've always avoided the cheesy cheerleaders and jocks, and suspect most do too.. instinctively... cut... a... wide... swath when encountering those people.

Well, now we have Path.
We shall see.

I disagree with the Trust Factor they mention... data is always accessible... somehow.
Believe me, I know.

Instead, as always, I savor real life private experiences with a select, yet mix of old and new, few.
Salon in itself immediately weeds out the loud jock-and-cheerleader noise in favor of wit and intellect, the art of subtlety where in order to proceed with the plot, one must actually listen.

I am grateful for casting a wide net in more social realms: My ideal intimate evening would encompass friends in real life with friends met through the 'net in London, Paris, New York, and in tiny places I've never been where despite odds and thanks to the ether, their voice has carried across the distance and touched me, made me laugh.

If Path is so select, there would be no reason to broadcast the experience, because those select few would be there.

Oh, you argue "But not all the select few of our intimate gang came to my party, don't forget Isabel now lives abroad!"
I mean, seriously, isn't that what people use email for?

We... shall... see.

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