Sustainability In The New Economy, And The Right To Do So

Those of you that have met me in person have often heard my environmental angles on many things... including business. 

  I believe that a holistic, sustainable approach to business includes many revenue streams, where you're not just mining one job and sell, sell, sell to have that job wear deeper into the natural business of your community, but to have the ability to offer multiple skills to address your clients', hence the community's, needs.

Imagine my dismay when I heard a friend's employer had sent them a Desist Letter for a separate skill from which they were earning revenue on the weekends.  

Picture this: You work in a hat factory, where you create glorious, coveted hats.

On the weekend, because of your natural gift and talent for sewing, others hire you to make pretty dresses.
Can't we all wear multiple hats? Doesn't that benefit the whole community in the end?

The employee ends up rewarded while exploring other skills, the employer gains insight and knowledge from their employee trying out new sewing methods that then might make their hats better, and the branding for having such an employee, for the employer, is usually strengthened, because, heck: YES, WE'RE THE FIRM WHERE THE FAMOUS DRESS MAKER AMY WHITE WORKS WHERE SHE ALSO PLIES HER CREATIVE SKILLS IN GRAPHIC DESIGN!

(Sorry Amy, it was just too easy, a good example within our own company and yes, we *are* thrilled you work here... and make fabulous dresses... : ) )

Besides, here at Copeland Casati Media, we know a thing or two about hats...

Business people, what do you think? Especially in The Next Economy I believe business must embrace sustainability, multiple revenue streams; and if corporations do, how can they not expect their employees to do the same?

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