Thoughts On Rudolph.

Yes, Richmond. We killed Rudolph.

What's interesting to me is to watch online reactions to The Rudolph Incident by a few local business people. Some are speaking gravely, quietly about What Others Will Think About Richmond and that's where they are wrong. Richmond. Happier cities would laugh.
Laugh. It's a nail biting drama, tragic and compelling and I could not stop snort laughing, as the slo-mo horror of the drama unfolded. You have over 400 years of history and culture, building on it daily. That includes moments like these. What would New York or Austin do? They'd celebrate, brag, and add it to their tome of Legendary Tales. Richmond is bigger, and even funnier than a balloon. Really? Are you really reduced to just Oh My Gosh People Will Think Richmond Is Only A Tabloid Balloon?
Good grief.

I can see the marketing firms now, calling the tourism and business cheerleaders: "We can help you through this." Oh, Those People's Richmond... Don't you realize that yes, your textbook history is rich, but your history also includes Dirt Woman, Ham A Ganza, a fabulous arts scene, and now, Rudolph. AWESOME. Next year, I want to go to that infamous parade.  Because you never know what will happen next...

It is rich unpredictability and creative good humor that makes places like Richmond, New Orleans, Austin, New York... great, where people want to visit.

Oh... that reminds me: Speaking of creative fun:
Ham A Ganza's right around the corner! 
Bring a ham, dollars, and yer humor, to benefit The Central Virginia Food Bank.


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