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  • Hope you had a chance to catch my cousin, Nancy Ross Hugo, as she discussed her book, "Remarkable Trees of Virginia" on NPR this week. Above is one tree that holds a very special place in my heart that's in her book... not to mention the children... : )

    You can listen to her on With Good Reason on NPR here.  The program also discusses mercury poisoning in waterways, a subject important to us all.

  • On to tech! Real time search, and the democratization of data, stepped forward, again this week:
    At lunchtime Wednesday, Danny Sullivan wrote:
    "Bing To Do Deal With Twitter, Launch Its Own Twitter Search

    AllThingsD has reported that Microsoft will announce a deal with Twitter today to gather its real time data. We’re able to confirm that from a source as well and provide some additional details.
    The deal will make Bing the first major search engine to have access to Twitter’s “Firehose” of tweets. It’s not exclusive, however. Google potentially could still do a deal, too."
    Read it all about why this is important here! >>
  • And not to disappoint, right at 3 pm came the tweet from twitter's CEO...

  • I discovered via the web a young girl giving a compelling speech to world leaders about a precious resource: water.
    Watch it here >>

  • And the night before, I watched some Richmond, Virginia heroes, doing their part like this young girl before you, to make our community, hence larger world, a better place.

    Thanks to The Valentine Richmond History Center and its sponsors, whom each year spotlight community activists, all "Average People" who discovered a need in our local community, worked on how to address it, and strode forward to make our community better, often with few resources.

    Read all about these local leaders here:

  • And for all of you using social media to sell, sell, sell: Stop, think. Sure you can search on terms that apply to your own business and reach out and engage them. But read the context. 

    I had just found out our child has a not just severe, but a life threatening allergy, told to carry multiple epi-pens at all times.  Crushed, devastated, my-world-ending, I mentioned it on twitter.

    Within seconds I received this:

    I promise you that the last thing I want to do right now is hear a chirpy voice telling me to "check out" some "adorable" clothes for allergy-ridden children.

    If you think EMAIL is easy to misinterpret or not convey subtleties of feeling (I'm sure this person meant well), think about how easy it is to come off wrong in 140 characters.

  • Back to Wave: We did a lot more testing on Wave this week, and the conference call application means that you don't need a phone with that functionality any more to pull people onto one line. I am excited to see what other applications are developed by others this year.

    My fave, though, is 6Round's Video app- http://www.6rounds.com/?icode=6wave
    (Except now I'm gonna have to make sure to brush my hair more often...)

    To see more Google Wave apps, visit here: http://wave-samples-gallery.appspot.com

  • And finally, stop comparing yourself to others, focus on your own mission, your business identity and voice... it's more about how you interact with your peers, and to not hold rulers like page rank as a constant measure. Shouldn't ya have gotten over that in high school? 

    Ah, but right when you think you can totally dismiss the popular crowd, TechCrunch explains why it, and twitter, are still important, and that all twitter data (not just the popular crowd) will be key in future ranking results.  Here's the difference: page rank is based on web sites; twitter data is interactions, often ranked in popularity, yes, but how is that twitter popularity garnered? By reaching out, connecting.  So don't sit in the corner by yourself; reach out.

    Don't feel like you have to try to be a cheerleader or jock, join the "typical popular crowd" - the beauty of twitter / social is that there is a community for all of us, interested in your interests.  So I'll see ya in the cafeteria - I'll be at a table huddling with a good book, and you're welcome to sit with me!

    Still skeptical as to why your business should be focused on social? Check out these stats.

    Thanks for listening!
    ...If you note any trends or local media items of note, feel free to send 'em on!

    I'm Copeland Casati, of Copeland Casati Media,
    the original C3 in Richmond creative arts and media since 1999

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