Richmond Web And Media Roundup: Halloween Edition!

Zombie Walk photo by Myk MeƱez
  • Just in time for Richmond's Zombie Walk and Halloween: Facebook sees dead people!

  • It's not just about real time search. This is just the beginning... [Spooky laugh inserted here]

  • If you are a blogger / active social media participant, you may have noticed the rise of aggregation sites taking your content, your voice without your permission.  These sites use your content to make money- through Google Adword sponsors, etc. and increase their site's search engine ranking in a topic, therefore ranking them higher than your own hard-wrought site's industry content.  I resent that...

    I *do* take the time to report these sites to Google, because I have found that when you discover one site is taking your content, it repeatedly does so.

    I've also added Google SideWiki to my arsenal - Yo, if they're gonna take my voice, then I get to write "on" their site*, telling visitors (granted, not many have SideWiki installed yet but still...) what I think! AND leaving LOTSA links to my own site.

    *Note: SideWiki is not technically "on" a site but within the browser.

  • With that "one-two" Google punch I deal thieving websites, these September statistics from iCrossing make me feel like like it might have quite an affect on their seo... in that, if AdWords / Google penalizes them for taking other's content once it's reported, it *will* hurt them. Remove the revenue and ranking rewards, remove the motivation for sites to steal voices.

  • Yes, I "get" the arguments in favor of aggregation, "all data is public"...
    but I'm not emotionally convinced.

    Several sites post my content *with my permission,* which I happily grant because they are 1. publications I respect who 2. asked my permission and that are 3.industry respected and 4.link the synopsis of my content to my sites, where readers can access the full content.

    Yes I share my stories on the 'net... but still, my writing remains such a personal piece of me, so 'private' even though it's public... Each time I discover a new theft of content, it's like... it's like...
    they take another little piece o' mah heart now, baby...

  • Great article in Business Week: Rise of the 'Homepreneur', which starts out with a bang:

    "More than half of all U.S. businesses are based at home. These companies often are dismissed as quaint hobbyist ventures, but new research suggests that's a mistake. An estimated 6.6 million home-based enterprises provide at least half of their owners' household income. Together these "homepreneurs" employ one in 10 private-sector workers, and by many measures they're just as competitive as their counterparts in commercial spaces."
    Not only are home-based businesses just as competitive, their employees are often happier than their cubicle-bound counterparts, therefore remaining with the successful business. This garners not only financial revenue (also benefiting the surrounding commmunity, providing jobs and revenue) but don't underestimate the cultural and environmental benefits such business models offer: no commuting,  greater satisfaction of lifestyle, healthier eating and exercise, workplace composting, less waste...

    Speaking of environmentally friendly, I hear some companies even have traditions like Vintage Hat Friday, where they showcase reuse and recycling, and celebrate repurposed clothes (and hats) in the work place! ; ) Our workplace was recently featured in V Magazine for many of the reasons above.

  • We hope you all have a safe Halloween. If you're still scared of social, here's a good article overview that explains some top venues and why cold technology needs to always keep community in mind.
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